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Day 1 of the Chronicles of Showing

Posted on August 28, 2014 at 10:45 AM

Yesterday was the first day of getting ready to show. We will be showing the Pygoras at the Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival (SAFF) in Asheville, NC on Sat. October 25, 2014. Though we have shown sheep and goats in the past, this will be our first time showing the Pygoras.

Though there is almost 2 mos till the show, there is a lot that goes into getting ready for a show. My intention here is to show what is all involved. Also, since this is somewhat new to us, we want to show what works for us and what doesn't. I've put the word out about the show and have asked for help from some of the top breeders and judges that have been showing in Oregon and Michigan.

I've taken photos of what our Pygoras look like today. As the weeks go by I'll determine who will be shown depending on how their coats look and how their training progresses. This should be fun!

Figment, a wether, was sheared the beginning of summer. He has lost all coat in his chest so not sure he will grow enough for show.

Here is Gem, a doe kid, and Gucci, a wether kid. Their coats are coming in beautifully so I'm expecting to take them to the show. Gucci has already started his training on lead and is doing very well.

Here is Chanel and Delilah. Both does. Chanel's coat is coming in nice but very dirty. Delilah is in full coat. So much so that she might need to be sheared before the show (it might start to mat if I wait too long). If so, then her fleece will go in the fleece show/sale.

Anastasia and Fiona. Both does. Anastasia's fleece has the most grease of everyone so has a tendency to pick up more dirt and clump. Will have to pick thru her fleece and see how it looks. Fiona was shorn late with Figment and Buckley. Watching for more curl to return.

Finally, there's Buckley the buck. He needs more length to his coat but it's coming in beautifully. But he's also smeeelllyyy!!! Breeding season is coming up and he is dosing himself in his cologne. This is to be expected with bucks.Normally we would start breeding the beginning of Oct. but with the show he might have to wait till we get back. When we breed we shear everyone first. This prevents the buck from ruining the girl's coats and helps to keep him cool.

So there you have it. Our beginning of the Chronicles of Showing. In the weeks to follow I'll keep you abreast to how everyone is looking, what we do to get ready and how I'll make my decission on who is going to the show.

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