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Day 8 Chronicles of Showing

Posted on September 4, 2014 at 5:30 PM

It's the 8th day of preparing for the show. Started Figment on his halter training and he did much better than expected. With a little encouragment he walked right along with me. Fought me going over his coat at first but eventually stood still. He will need to stand still for the judge to go over him. I was able to lift all his feet and check his teeth with no fight.

Figment has some scurs developing on his head. These are remnants of where he would have horns if he hadn't been dis-budded. Unfortunatly these are curling back towards his head and must be removed before they cause problems. They are cut away gradually like you would a dog's nail. So I assembled all that I might need: hoof nippers, OB surgical wire, gloves and quick stop powder in case there was any bleeding. Well I quickly ascertained that the only blood was going to be mine! This is not a job for one person. I did get a bit off one tip but not without doing some goat surfing on his back. This will have to wait for another day when I can get help.

Here is a pic of how Delilah's fleece is doing. She has a "B" type. Checking daily to see if I have to shear her. So far so good but still a ways to go till SAFF.

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