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Day 29 of the Chronicles of Showing

Posted on September 24, 2014 at 6:30 PM

Two weeks ago I picked up 2 new additions to the farm, Evan and Emily, both 7 mos old. Now that they are out of quarenteen they are acclimating to life with Gucci and Gem. Thank you Bonny Collard for letting them come home with me. They are beautiful.

Our younger granddaughters came by to halter train the kids. They did very well but some were a bit resistant. Alexis is 7 and Alaina is 5.

Alexis has become the "Goat Whisperer". She is so gentle and talks to them quietly.

Anastasia is the first to be ruled out of the show. Her coat started matting at her legs and the rest of the fleece was what I call "clumpy". Kind of stuck together at the ends. So off with her coat! She is actually quite happy to be rid of all that hair while it's still hot during the days. Once washed and processed, her fleece will  make lovely yarn.

Chanel might be next to be sheared. Her fleece is starting to clump too. Delilah's fleece is gorgeous!!! If it can just hold on for one more month. Evan and Emily have some cockleburrs in their coats that I'm slowly getting out. Everyone else is looking good and on schedule.

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